Zoom's superfast internet brings major benefits for businesses of all sizes in a wide area on the South coast.


As Zoom is privately owned and has its own fibre optic cables, it
 is safe, secure and also independent of any other network.


Zoom's super fast broadband can revolutionise your communication with customers and colleagues. You will also gain an advantage over slower moving competitors, as you will quickly and easily be able to upload fresh new content to keep your e-commerce and other websites bang up to date.


With Zoom's super fast broadband, you can very quickly send and receive huge audio, video, graphics and data files.



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Picture of Fibre Optic




Zoom provides high speeds by using a combination of fast fibre optic and wireless technology, so you are no longer limited to DSL increments.


Zoom gives you just the right amount of bandwidth you need to support all your applications.


Our Zoom access service will be uniquely suited to your ever-changing needs, whether you're a small local business or a Fortune 1000 company.



Zoom's fast Internet access, without the need for a phone line, is a real necessity for businesses competing in the current economic climate.


Zoom can deploy your services within a week, so installation will be a fraction of the time generally quoted by the traditional providers.


A Zoom installation will also cost far less, as Zoom bypasses the local phone and cable infrastructure, so helping you avoid these costs.




Zoom can quickly upgrade your bandwidth in a matter of minutes.




Our wireless solution bypasses the traditional wire line network, providing you with a true diverse path of reliability and sustainability.




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  • Site Survey time: 1 day
  • Network Engineering Study : 2 days
  • Network Build and Turn Up : 7 days



Zoom will arrange to visit and mount a small station (30cm – 40cm small dish) to an external wall or roof space facing our nearest base station.


We will also fit a network Wi-Fi router inside the property that is used to connect to your PCs, Macs and other Internet-enabled devices.


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For Larger Business Premises picture


Your business may require a private network. Zoom will be happy to discuss your requirements and how your company can gain the maximum benefit from our services. Due to the equipment used and potential access requirements, a site survey is required before installation and engineering costs are confirmed.


To provide the service, Zoom will mount a small station (30cm – 40cm small dish) to an external wall or roof space in your premises facing our nearest base station. Zoom will also install one or more business-grade routers in your building that are quality and speed tested to your contracted speed.

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