1. Re-starting your router before running the test can help give the most accurate results.
  2. Connect your computer or device with an Ethernet cable rather than using wireless. This will help you understand if you have an internal wireless problem or a speed problem.
  3. If you do think you have an internal wireless issue, please see: Click HerePC connect picture
  4. Stop any ongoing downloads, and shut down any programs that may be using your connection, such as
    peer-to-peer software.
  5. Close any programs running on your computer
  6. Make sure nobody else is using your internet connection while you run the speed test. This includes mobile phones and tablets such as iPads
  7. Run three speed tests at three different times of day using the testers below:


Speed test 1                         Speed test 2                            Speed test 3




Our engineers at Zoom are always willing to visit you and make sure your internet service works properly. However, please be aware that we are only ever supplying the signal to the main router at your premises.


If an engineer does visit and finds a problem, and this turns out to be a problem with the Zoom Internet network, then the engineer's visit is free of charge.


If however, the problem is found to be in your set-up or with your equipment, we would then charge a call-out fee of £50.

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