1. Check that the power light is on and that the power cord is plugged in properly.
  2. Check that the cabling is be correctly connected to the supplied power adapter.
  3. Does the cable from the external aerial go into the POE socket?
  4. Check that the cable goes to the Router from socket LAN to WAN socket
  5. Check that all cables are plugged in properly into the sockets as shown in the diagram.


Connection Problem Picture

Our engineers at Zoom are always willing to visit you and make sure your internet service works properly. However, please be aware that we are only ever supplying the signal to the main router at your premises.


If an engineer does visit and finds a problem, and this turns out to be a problem with the Zoom Internet network, then the engineer's visit is free of charge.


If however, the problem is found to be in your set-up or with your equipment, we would then charge a call-out fee of £50.

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