1. Try turning your Router and computer or device off for a few minutes and then restarting it.
  2. Place your Router in an elevated position on table or a shelf, rather than on the floor.
  3. For best overall coverage throughout your house, put the Router somewhere central, so that the signal is radiated to all areas. Also place away from thick walls if possible, as walls made of brick, stone, plaster, cement, with metal may cause problems. Double glazed glass also can cause problems. Worse are ceramic, concrete, metal objects and mirrors, which can reflect visible light and radio waves alike.


    Wi-Fi Speed Coverage

  4. Ideally, try and keep your Router away from other electrical equipment. In particular, try to keep it away from baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless security systems or audio systems that can cause interference
  5. Using lots of competing wireless devices at the same time can cause interference problems if on the same frequency. So when testing the speed, try doing this with just one device turned on. If this works OK, you can reduce the number of devices you're connecting using wireless
  6. Try placing your Router as close as possible to your computer or device, especially if you have thick walls that might block the signal in your home
  7. You also could try changing the wireless channel


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The Wi-Fi signal within your property is not the responsibility of Zoom Internet. As an internet service provider our service is delivered to your main router only. This main router is your wired connection, and Zoom Internet provides the signal speeds to this point only.


Beyond this main router, the internal Wi-Fi is your responsibility. However, we are aware that most people are keen to optimize their Wi-Fi signal, especially when they are receiving high speeds to the main router from Zoom Internet. We also know that some people have problems achieving this satisfactorily for their internal Wi-Fi.


If you have tried the above tips and still require help, our technicians can advise on solutions that are available on the open market and might increase the internal Wi-Fi signal in your premises. You can request an on-site survey for this purpose.

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